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Commercial Ecogreen Solutions


Ecogreen is proud to offer a natural product range that harnesses the power of beneficial live bacteria, plant extracts, and natural anti-bacterial agents to deliver high-quality alcohol free hand and surface sanitisers, odour control and wastewater remediation. These products translate the natural cycles of nature into effective and efficient industrial solutions that support, rather than harm, the natural environment.

AES - Ecogreen - Alcohol Free Surface Cleaner

Need alcohol free hand or surface sanitiser for your workplace?

The Power of Nature | Ecogreen Bacterial Based Products

How do Ecogreen products work? The approach involves working with nature to create environmentally friendly solutions, such as our alcohol free hand sanitiser, that get the job done, without harmful side effects. Ecogreen sources and identifies the best beneficial bacteria to deal with the problem at hand, then uses exclusive Bio-Technology to boost efficiency to achieve an effective result.

AES Pond Maintairner Ultra

Ecogreen Products Using Bioremediation

Rather than attacking a problem with harsh chemical solutions that take a toll on the environment and the people who live in it, Ecogreen looks to nature for the answers. Our products are created with the bioremediation method – meaning that they are made with natural, safe, and beneficial microorganisms that degrade and transform environmentally harmful contaminants into non-toxic compounds.

The End Result

What results from Ecogreen product treatments? Whether it be alcohol free sanitiser, odour kill, or wastewater treatments, the simple compounds metabolised by the bacteria are converted into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

What happens to the bacteria? As it is in nature, once the live bacteria in Ecogreen products have fulfilled their role, they are reintegrated into the cycle of life – either degrading into simple biomass (carbon) or become food to nourish other species.

Ecogreen products offer a safe, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and notably, a more effective alternative to the use of harsh chemicals.

The Use of Plant Extracts & Natural Essential Oils

The Ecogreen perspective is that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when nature already knows how to get results that work! Our products use specific plant extracts and antibacterial agents to kill and neutralise
harmful contaminants and their effects – such as odours and extended contamination.

Ecogreen products are designed to achieve long-lasting results that not only take care of the issue at hand, but improve upon the existing environment. For example, by using safe Ecogreen products, industries no longer need to address the issue of treating harmful and toxic chemicals that may otherwise have been used to treat the initial problem.

The Ecogreen ethos is based on innovative problem solving using natural active ingredients to provide effective solutions to cleaning, sanitising, odour control and wastewater treatment.

AES - Ecogreen - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Innovative & eco friendly alcohol free hand and surface sanitisers,
cleaning products & water treatment solutions

Ecogreen Applications

Odour control
Wastewater management
Industrial waste management

Is Ecogreen right for your industry?


Ecogreen Products | Commercial Grade & Bulk Sales

Fuel & Engine

Fuel Saver & Engine Conditioner (20L drums or 1,000L Palecon)

Suitable for motor vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, buses, ferries, tugboats and dredges

AES Pond Starter Gold
AES - Ecogreen - Odour Kill

Odour Control

Odour Kill (20L)

Suitable for motor vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, buses, ferries, tugboats and dredges

Septic System Odour Control


Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser (5L / 20L)
Alcohol Free Surface Sanitiser (5L / 20L)
Clean Air
Long-Lasting Surface Sanitiser
Power Plus
AES - Ecogreen - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser
AES Grease Trap Treatment

Wastewater Treatments

Grease Trap Treatment
Pond Maintainer Ultra
Septic System Odour Control

For natural wastewater treatment solutions that work!