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Dosmatic MiniDos, MicroDos & SuperDos
Award-Winning Injectors & Dosing Technology


With 20+ years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of water-driven chemical injectors, Dosmatic provides affordable solutions for the industrial, horticultural, and animal health markets

Dosmatic MiniDos, MicroDos, & SuperDos Injectors

Dosmatic water-driven injectors are designed to provide easy, precise, and accurate dispensation of water-soluble products, including:

Cutting fluids
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Dosmatic Manufactures Injectors With:

Flow rates |ranging from 0.11 l/min (0.03 usgpm) to 758 l/min (200 usgpm)
Feed ratios |from 0.025% (1:4000) to 10% (1:10)
Operating pressures & inlet / outlet connections |that vary depending on the particular model

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The Benefits of Using Dosmatic

Enjoy the following benefits when you choose Dosmatic injector technology:

Accurate & reliable at all flow rates
Water-powered non-electric
No electricity required
Chemical resistant
Precise proportioning
Reduced wastage
Low maintenance
Chemical-resistant polypropylene
Outside adjustable
Convertible range of models
Allows a wide range of chemical uses
Easy to install and maintain
Economically priced
Easy external ratio adjustment
Extended warranty
Easy maintenance
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Cutting Edge, Patented Technology

Dosmatic manufactures injectors that no competitor can offer such as the A30 4ml range for very low percentage injection of chemicals. Dosmatic also produces very low water flow models, such as the NEW MiniDos range, up to very high flow models, such as the NEW T100P Hybrid & T200 Hybrid models, in a variety of injection ratios.

Hard Wearing & Durable

Dosmatic injectors are specially designed to be highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, which enables a long-lasting and durable product investment. Dosmatic also offers a super corrosive transfer kit which can be easily retrofitted, for Advantage A20, A30, and A40 units. This kit allows injectors to withstand the wear of more aggressive and corrosive chemicals such as iodine, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide.

The risk of pressure surge damage is greatly minimised due to Dosmatic MicroDos, MiniDos, SuperDos and other injectors having the highest standard operating pressure in the industry. Additionally, with a separate internal mixing chamber to prevent chemical contact with the motor piston, Dosmatic injectors enjoy a longer lifespan – not to mention extremely uniform mixing!


In addition to the new products, Dosmatic is also able to provide complete “plug & play” panels and systems from single units to multiple units, fittings and components. All of Dosmatic’s injectors are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and deliver true proportioning even at low & varying flows.

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Dosmatic Applications

When it comes to products that require precise proportioning into a water line, Dosmatic expertise provides solutions to the industrial market in its use of chemicals, soaps, waxes, polymers, cutting fluids, sanitizers, degreasers and other water-soluble products.

Car/Truck/Train Washes
Corrosion Control
Bottling plants
Fuel Additives
Waste Water
Fire Fighting
Cooling Tower
Food Processing
Metal Cutting
Odour Control
Pest Control
Printed Circuit Board
Wood Treatment

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Dosmatic Products

Water-driven chemical injectors and dosing technology for industrial use. Our products include:

MicroDos II
TurboDos Diesel(T100P Hybrid + T200 Hybrid – Non-Electric Inline Additive Delivery System), Mobile Cart, A40, A30, A20

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