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Aquafog Fan Systems

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Aquafog offers a range of fixed and mobile fogging fan systems for odour neutralisation, pest control, chemical dosing, sanitisation, humidity, dust and temperature control at any workplace or site.

The Aquafog fan systems are highly desirable atomising units, each model equipped with tailored features to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

Perfectly suited for heavy-duty industrial usage, Aquafog systems are known for their high degree of reliability and superior performance.

AES - Aquafog GT 500 Fan

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Benefits of Using Aquafog Systems

Aquafog products offer high quality and dependable systems that deliver effective and efficient environmental controls. Some key benefits of Aquafog systems include:

Mobile Fan Systems

Our mobile units can be easily relocated to exactly where they will be most effective. If your workplace activity regularly switches site locations – no worries! Your mobile Aquafog unit can simply be transported to each new site.

Ongoing Operation

Having to stop and start operations to conduct the essential clean ups and dust suppression can put a spanner in the works for business productivity. Aquafog fan units can be connected to standard water supplies and strategically placed to run continuously as needed. This enables you to reap the benefits of a consistently safe workplace and ongoing, uninterrupted operations.

Indoor / Outdoor Applications

With Aquafog products, you’re not locked-in with an indoor or outdoor solution – our range of fans and fogging units include options to suit both. Whether stationary or mobile, our systems are powerful enough to handle environmental issues and other control activity no matter where they’re positioned.

HSRM r-f
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Explosion Proof Units

Aquafog offers highly specialised stand-alone units designed for operation in explosive-prone areas. These applications usually contain volatile dust or vapours and are generally regarded as \”hazardous locations\”.

 Health & Safety | Quality Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have top quality heat, odour, and dust suppression Aquafog systems in action to ensure a safe worksite, the wellbeing of workers, and absolute compliance with mandatory safety regulations.

Delivered Completely Assembled

No need to worry about a complicated setup process upon delivery of your Aquafog system. For ultimate convenience, all units arrive completely assembled and ready-to-operate!

Aquafog Features

Some great standard features of our various Aquafog systems include:

Nozzle-free atomisation
Easy pivot fogging head
Corrosion resistance
Recycle wastewater
Adjustable fog output
Indoor / outdoor capable
Fluid level gauge
Top grade motors
Visual flowmeter
24-hour timer control
Humidistat control / Digital humidistat control

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Aquafog Applications

Interior humidification
Explosive-prone areas & hazardous locations
Fumigation with pesticides, fungicides, or sterilisation chemicals
Outdoor evaporative cooling
Industrial spot cooling
Odour neutralisation

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Aquafog Products

Mobile Fogging Units | XE Mobile Series

HRSM | humidification & cooling
HRSM-EXP | designed for explosive-prone areas
ORSM | odour control
CRSM | pesticides & fungicides

Turbo XE-2000 Fans|Hanging, Industrial, Fine Mist Fogging Fan
Turbo XE-2000 Hanging Sump| Hanging Sump Fogging System)
GT 500 Fans
GT 500-HS Fans

XE left

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