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The Importance of Proven
Air Quality Technology Across Industries

Industries today are faced by the requirements to comply with increasingly firm regulations as councils and state legislation becomes more focused upon Occupational Workplace Health and Safety (OWH&S), as well as environmental emissions.

Key issues include:

Pest activity
Air quality

Occupational Workplace Health & Safety

Excessive levels of dust, odours, pest activity, and heat cause significant problems for businesses. Safe working environments are compromised, putting employees and others at risk. Also, overall productivity is dramatically reduced.

As many industries generate significant emissions of dust and volatile organic compounds, these emissions must be controlled with proven suppression technologies to avoid inhalation by employees and neighbouring populated areas. The improvement of air quality with effective dust suppression methods is extremely important to preventing inhalation of airborne by-products which may lead to respiratory diseases or other illnesses.

The Duty of Care

Managers across industries owe a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and neighbours, to alleviate concerns for their wellbeing and ensure hospitable workplace conditions.

Organisations that vigilantly uphold this duty of care can minimise the risk of workplace accidents, the cost of sick leave for employees who fall ill and reduce the possibility of future litigation arising from issues caused by unsafe working and environmental conditions.

For a safe and healthy work environment

Technologies for a Safer Environment
Does AES Cater to Your Industry?

Wondering whether your industry could benefit from cutting edge eco-friendly suppression technologies supplied by AES? Take a look below at some of the key industries who can benefit from our services.

General Applications:

Dust control
Humidity control
Odour control
Smoke control
Frost protection
Special effects
Pest control
Static electricity control

Enjoy a safer, more productive & efficient operation with an Aquafog fan system today

Industries That Enjoy the Benefits

Access Environmental Services Coolfog for Waste2

Waste & Recycling | Foundries

An essential part of the economy, the waste and recycling industry is a backbone service supplying key resources that shape and support commercial and residential industries in Australia. As demand for these services continues to increase with economic and population growth, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the industry is well equipped to handle the stress this brings.

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology, providing solutions for temperature, dust, pest, and odour control tailored to the unique needs of your operations and ensuring these workplace hazards are dramatically reduced on your site.

Quarries & Mines

Quarries and mines must deal with ongoing issues of dust, noise, air
quality, and the environmental impact of their operational activities. AES
offers energy-efficient, effective, and heavy-duty technologies capable of
dealing with all industrial dust suppression and air quality
improvement needed to keep your operations safe, clean, and meeting regulatory compliance.

AES - Dust, odour, air quality, temperature control
AES Special Effects

Creative Theming

Access Environmental Systems offers environmentally friendly technology and cutting edge solutions for the production of ‘fog’ for creative theming used throughout a variety of industries. This includes applications in:

Water fountains
Ponds & waterfalls
Landscaped areas
Swimming pools
Lighting displays
Botanical gardens

With AES, you’ll get the right system for your unique needs, ensuring that it is installed and positioned to maximise the enhancement of architectural features and the focal element points. Overhead fogging is generally installed to create an inviting atmosphere in:

Resorts & casinos
Retail shopping centres
Amusement parks
Theme parks
Courtyards & hotels
Movie studios
Outdoor concert venues
Live events & spectator arenas

Ship Loading

The ship loading and port industry deal with issues of dust, air quality,
and environmental impact – particularly in the face of residential
sprawl as population growth increases. While industrial areas may
once have been located a sufficiently far distance from residential areas,
this is no longer always the case.

AES provides dust suppression systems to neutralise and reduce the
risk of airborne contaminants being inhaled by workers and other people in the nearby vicinity. This proactive approach enables the ship loading
and port industry to ensure a safer, cleaner environment for employees and residential townships.

Access Environmental Services Coolfog Ship Loading
AES - Frost Protection

Agriculture & Horticulture | Greenhouses

Greenhouses must be installed with a climate control system to maintain ideal growing conditions. Control of the environment in propagation
greenhouses is essential for sustained growth of seedlings in their early stages. A high-quality fogging system will take into account:


Access Environmental Systems supply fogging systems that regulate the temperature, humidity, and moisture content within the greenhouse. This controlled environment will promote increased growth by eliminating ‘plant stress’ – one of the most significant factors in the growth of many crops and plants.

All plants lose their moisture through evaporation from the leaves. By controlling the plants’ moisture evaporation rate through the use of a properly designed fogging system, the result will be stronger, healthier crops and plants with a higher yield and optimum growth potential

Commercial Businesses and Industries

Any organisation that hosts a given number of visitors at any one time is required to ensure that proper levels of hygiene and sanitisation are in effect to prevent and reduce the spread of germs and illness. Especially in these current times facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means ensuring that all surfaces are regularly cleaned with effective surface sanitiser products, in addition to making quality hand sanitisers available for public and widespread usage.

Industries Dealing with Wastewater

The safe and effective treatment of wastewater is a significant environmental and health concern. Access Environmental Systems provides eco-friendly non-toxic, yet highly effective solutions.

AES supplies solutions to industries such as:

Piggeries & Dairy Farms
Landfill Leachate
Mine Sites
Waste Transfer Stations

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Access Environmental Systems is dedicated to helping our customers to achieve the solutions and results they are looking for. AES is most happy to consult with you on the unique needs and requirements of your business operations and worksite, and provide advice as to which products will best serve your needs and objectives.

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