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Access Environmental Systems is an independently Australian owned and operated company providing high quality, environmentally friendly suppression technologies to both industry and commerce. AES service a broad customer base across industries, addressing a large range of applications that include:

Dust suppression
Heat reduction
Odour control
Pest control
Wastewater treatment

AES are proud to supply customers with a “one-stop shop” solution, where they can access everything from the ‘hardware’ distribution equipment, to the sanitisers, treatments, and additives required to deliver efficient suppression and control activities to suit any workplace or site.

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Access Environmental Systems | Origins & Inspiration

Access Environmental Systems commenced operations in July 2000, with Managing Director and Senior Engineer Geoff Svenson at the helm.
Since our journey started, Access Environmental Systems has been on the pulse of ongoing changes to environmental practices and laws. Now more than ever, industry and commerce face a rapidly increasing pressure to adhere to tighter regulations surrounding Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), as well as more environmentally aware business practices.

Our awareness of this combined pressure has led AES to focus on the design, manufacture, and retail of environmentally friendly suppression technologies – starting with the Coolfog systems. The systems we make and associate with have been specifically designed and selected to address key areas of concern which have been identified by Industry. AES knows firsthand that cutting edge, eco-friendly technology can and does go
hand-in-hand with productivity and efficiency.

AES has since gone on to become a power of innovation, knowledge and expertise in our field.

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Our Journey So Far

Initially, Access Environmental Systems focused its attention on the Australian foundry, quarry, and recycling industries with great success as we cemented our ability to identify and offer targeted solutions to our customers. After our initial specialisation, our client portfolio continued to grow and with it came several requests for additional Coolfog systems features, such as: temperature, humidity and remote control, a calibrated dosing facility, and mobile fogging capability.

 Innovation & Problem Solving

AES is proud to attribute much of our success to our ability to genuinely listen to what our clients are asking for, and use this valuable knowledge to create and deliver high tech solutions that surpass expectations. That was just the beginning of our innovation efforts. Access Environmental Systems also branched out into supplying our systems to special effects and creative theming industries for fogging and misting in theme parks and parklands, as well as to the hospitality industry by installing our systems in alfresco dining areas and beer gardens.

Sourcing Like Minded Products for Retail

In the spirit of neverending progress, Access Environmental Systems has gone on to seek out and negotiate agency agreements with reputable, like minded manufacturing organisations that can provide the type of equipment that can be either incorporated into a Coolfog system or supplied for retail. As such, this has allowed Access Environmental Systems to continue to satisfy the specific and specialised needs of our customers, as well as extend the range of products that we can provide, and appealing to a wider market with the added level of convenience and concentrated expertise all under one roof.

Going Global

In January 2003, Access Environmental Systems obtained our first overseas order to supply and install the Coolfog system in a foundry in the United Arab Emirates – and this was just the beginning! AES has since then become an impassioned player in the export market with successes recorded in India, New Zealand, Oman, Saudi Arabia, England, Scotland, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

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Access Environmental Systems Today

Today, Access Environmental Systems has become a successful small to medium size business operating in the global marketplace, servicing an increasingly numerous and diverse range of organisations and industries. AES offers customers a personalised, tailored approach to heat, dust, pest, and odour control solutions that work to improve their operations across the board

Organisational Structure | The AES Headquarters

Our headquarters and factory are located in the Brisbane suburb of Brendale, Queensland, Australia. An ideal location, it provides the perfect access to all domestic and international transport links, including air, road, sea, and rail. It is from this location that we carry out all marketing, production, technical and product development, and service support activity.

To make sure we cover all of our bases state-wide, Access Environmental Systems has an Australian network of dedicated area managers who work to look after all of the states and territories, and in some cases employ their own teams for installation and service work.

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