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Access Environmental Systems (AES) provide and supply environmental suppression technologies and solutions for application within commercial and industrial sectors. Established in 2000, AES is a 100% Australian owned and operated enterprise.

AES focuses on excellence and the ongoing improvement of eco-conscious solutions for workplace issues including dust suppression, odour control, pest control, and wastewater.

AES is proud to serve a wide range of clients from commercial businesses and greenhouses, parklands and theme parks to piggeries, dairy farms, and viticulture – just to name a few!

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AES is dedicated to creating safer environments. AES provides effective technologies that are environmentally friendly and accessible to every business that needs them. AES understands the value of convenience in today’s fast-paced world where productivity and efficiency is the priority.

Our solution? AES offers a comprehensive range of eco-friendly pest, odour, humidity, sanitisation and dust control technologies all under the same roof. Here are a few key benefits of choosing AES to supply your environmental suppression requirements:

The Essential ‘Hardware’

AES supplies the necessary ‘hardware’ required to effectively carry out the pest, odour, humidity, sanitisation and dust control required to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Our cutting edge technology includes fans, foggers / misting cannons, and injectors, designed to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Eco-Friendly Treatments

AES provides the environmentally friendly treatments, sanitisers, and additives required to accompany your technology hardware. The right products will help ensure that your workplace or site meets the environmental, plus health and safety requirements of local councils and government.

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A One Stop Shop

Sourcing all of your eco-friendly environmental products is effortless with AES. Enjoy the ease, simplicity, and peace of mind of dealing with just one supplier that takes care of all your ongoing product needs.

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The Benefits of Choosing Environmentally Friendly Products & Technologies

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Reduced Environmental Impact for Easier Regulation Compliance

Choosing eco-friendly products and equipment ensures compliance with local, state, and EPA groups with regards to environmental impact. As residential sprawling and environmental awareness increases, regulations are changing on an ongoing basis, creating difficulties for industrial worksites. By implementing the right technology in your working environment, you can be compliant and eco-friendly without compromising on productivity.

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Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Issues of pest, odour, sanitisation, humidity and dust control must be managed effectively to sustain productivity. For example, the traditional dust bag collection methods in quarries lead to considerable downtime and lower productivity.

AES is dedicated to providing eco-friendly technologies that support the environment
and business goals. AES believes that sustainable practices should support productivity, not hinder your progress.

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